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Investment funds : IFRS / US GAAP / LUX GAAP

A GAAP comparison

The investment management industry faces an ever-increasing demand for transparency by stakeholders. This is further amplified in times of crisis. As investment managers look for opportunities to enter global markets, it is essential that any reporting to their stakeholders on their strategies and products, including through their financial statements, is clearly understood, meets local requirements, and allows for comparison between the many investment products offered.

This publication provides a summary of the key differences between the most common accounting frameworks for investment management financial reporting. It includes a comparison of IFRS, US GAAP and Luxembourg GAAP as applied to investment funds.

This 4th edition of the brochure incorporates new content on regulatory and accounting developments and discussions that have taken place in the marketplace since the previous publication. You will discover new sections on topics such as master-feeder structures, combined reporting, carried interest or sustainability reporting. Although this publication does not attempt to capture all of the differences that exist or that may be material to a particular entity’s financial statements it does give  a good overview of the key differences that would be relevant to preparers and reviewers of the financial statements of investment funds.

Read the full brochure here.

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