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Subsidy for vocational training

Get your fair share!

Among all the assets at their disposal, human capital remains the most precious one for companies these days. Versatile, innovative, shock-resistant, human capital embodies the masterpiece companies need in order to face economic challenges and to lead the deep transformation of our society today more than ever.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg managed to grasp the true value of workers and supports companies in the training process of their workforce by providing subsidies monitored by the Institut National pour le développement de la Formation Professionnelle Continue (INFPC). Up to 15% of your training expenses can be co-financed by the state, constituting a valuable financial aid from the Grand Duchy!

At Deloitte Luxembourg, we can help you either with the preparation of the cofunding application or in the certification of your application based on agreed-upon procedures (ISRS 4400) and the professional standard issued by the Institut des Reviseurs d’Entreprises. At Deloitte Luxembourg we have been serving multiple clients coming from various industries over the last years and have gathered extended knowledge and experience in this area.

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