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Streamline your document management with ExtracteD

AI-powered document processing at your fingertips

In today's fast-paced business environment, managing documents manually is both time-consuming and prone to error. With a multitude of documents in different formats and languages, it can be difficult to classify the document type, easily extract particular information, and build meaningful links among them. ExtracteD— a document processing solution powered by artificial intelligence—is here to help.

ExtracteD is our smart solution positioned to transform the complex and tedious processes of manual document management into something simple and streamlined. Making use of cutting edge technologies like computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning, our tool automates your whole data management process. This means you can retrieve the data you need quickly, helping improve your organization’s efficiency overall.




Easily find your documents and the key information within them

Technology continues to get smarter, and so should your document management. ExtracteD will help you process and categorize your documents by extracting and organizing the important information you need as efficiently as possible.

With our tool, you can accurately detect document types, retrieve useful information, and automate tasks like summarization and topic identification. We can customize ExtracteD to fit your specific needs and help integrate it into your existing processes for optimal operational performance. 

ExtracteD: Find the data you need, fast.

Improve your efficiency with ExtracteD’s essential features

Document processing

ExtracteD can process various document types, formats and languages, making it an ideal solution for organizations with diverse document needs.

Document type detection

Our solution accurately detects the document type, whether it’s an ID/passport, articles of association (AoA), financial reports, etc.

Information retrieval

ExtracteD is able to retrieve useful information from documents, such as personal data, company specifications, locations, and more.

Additional features

Our tool can perform other text-related tasks, including summarization, topic extraction, and content-based document naming.


All the components mentioned above allow for easy customization to meet specific needs, making ExtracteD a flexible solution that changes alongside your organization.

How can your organization benefit from AI-powered document management?

Whether you represent a financial or legal institution, or work in government and manufacturing, deploying our AI solution to process your documents will simplify and streamline your workflow in a way that’s quick and easy.

ExtracteD can optimize document processing across industries:

Banks, Insurances, Funds


Use case
Classification, extraction and linking automates information retrieval from various documents in a way that’s compliant with financial regulations and data privacy laws.

Business value
Easily create a structured database in which documents are linked to each other based on the related information they contain.

Law firms, Legal teams in private industry and in public sector


Use case
Language detection and extraction streamlines sourcing
of specific types of information from huge documents in a way that’s compliant with data privacy laws.

Business value
Draft concise and easy-to-read summaries of legal texts by extracting only the most useful information in the documents.

European intitutions, Ministries, Embassies


Use case
Language detection, extraction and linking bypasses the need to manually inspect documents sent in different formats and from different countries, for improved transparency and accountability.

Business value
Organize structured databases which allow the user to search documents in a quick and intuitive way; this could help both doctors and patients.

Factories, Steel mills, Carrier companies


Use case
Classification and extraction accurately and quickly sources data from production reports and quality control documents, including information on production yields and defects.

Business value
Enhance quality control processes to significantly decrease costs for companies that prioritize product quality.

Ready to optimize your business with AI?

At Deloitte Luxembourg, we believe in artificial intelligence’s power to improve business processes and outcomes.

Say goodbye to manual document management, and join us on the journey of digital transformation.

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