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ProtecteD—Your AI-solution for face mask detection in public places

ProtecteD, Deloitte Luxembourg’s artificial intelligence (AI) solution, helps raise awareness and prioritizes health and safety in public places where wearing a mouth and nose covering is mandatory. Using image recognition and machine learning, it monitors whether individuals correctly wear their face masks in public spaces, by adding a visual overlay.

The solution detects various types of face coverings, including surgical masks, homemade masks, masks with patterns and prints, scarves and bandanas. This frictionless detection occurs in real time. ProtecteD not only helps organizations fulfill their internal health and safety guidelines, but also encourages a group effort to comply with them.

AI can help all industries put the safety of society first

Whether in office spaces, sports arenas or on transportation, our ProtecteD solution can detect face coverings in a crowd, both in close-up footage and from a distance. Our solution can help organizations and society put safety first.

With the help of a trained deep-learning model, (live) video footage is passed through the solution, which detects the presence of face masks. The annotated frames are displayed on a screen in real time.

Key features of ProtecteD

Real-time recognition

The model detects whether individuals correctly wear face masks in real time, providing an instant output, helping organizations meet public health guidelines. This instant detection is key to prevent airborne viral infection.

Prioritization of health and safety

At Deloitte, taking care of each other is one of our shared values. During the global pandemic, Deloitte Luxembourg provided tools to guide and assist safe presence in the office and in public spaces while prioritizing the health of our staff and communities. ProtecteD can help you put safety first.

Cloud deployment

To provide full flexibility, we offer a cloud-based solution with an API connection to our model. This ensures that the solution is compatible with your current systems and environment.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and data privacy

ProtecteD does not store personal data nor use facial recognition. Therefore, everyone stays anonymous and no footage is stored. Individuals will be notified of the system’s presence in a given public space. Before implementation, a Data Protection Impact Assessment is performed to ensure GDPR requirements are met.

Visual AI facilitation of health and safety measures

The solution displays an output on a screen, allowing for real-time mask detection through visual overlays of the original footage. This can promote positive group behavior and increase people’s awareness of their surroundings.

Join us in prioritizing health and safety with AI

Deloitte Luxembourg can integrate and customize this solution based on your specific needs. Using AI to prioritize health and safety is an ideal way to begin integrating AI into your business as an everyday commodity, and Deloitte Luxembourg can help you take this important step in your digital transformation journey.

Could your business benefit from this solution?

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Best use of AI & Data Award

Deloitte’s AI Institute has developed relevant products within the field of Visual Intelligence. Its Visual Intelligence solutions are based on advanced AI techniques with underlying Neural Networks. Providers can connect with fully trained AI models through an API connection. This prize is a major achievement for our AI Institute team who is delivering actionable artificial intelligence applications on a daily basis.

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