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DNAV: The smart way to audit funds in Luxembourg

Implementing cutting-edge technology that adds value

We created DNAV to bring value to your audit process by implementing cutting-edge technology. With DNAV, we enforce data security, share insights, utilize autonomous data transfer with your service providers, and employ advanced analytics that enable you and the audit of your funds to move faster, safer, and smarter. The audit of your funds has become as much about bits and bytes, as it is about adopting a secure and efficient process that adds value.

Get a smart funds audit with DNAV

DNAV is not a promise for the future; DNAV supports the delivery of a smart fund audit, today, in Luxembourg.

Contact us for a free demo and we can show you the value that DNAV will bring to the audit of your funds.

DNAV is a cloud-based solution that combines automation, data management, audit routines, and visualization of data. It enables a secure, efficient, and high quality audit process that adds value and ensures that the auditor and those charged with governance can focus on what matters.

Automatic data transfer


Data is transferred automatically from your service provider(s) via secure channels to DNAV. We effectively work with multiple service providers and delivery formats.


No need for you to spend time on transferring data/responding to multiple data requests for the audit of your funds. As data transfer is arranged automatically and through secured channels, the process is much quicker.

Automatic data screening

The data received from your service provider(s) is automatically screened for completeness and consistency. As there is no time-consuming manual intervention, this significantly decreases the risk of error and increases the level of data security.

DNAV reduces the time spent by your teams during the audit process since relevant data is directly obtained from your (different) service provider(s) and automatically screened for data quality.

Advanced audit algorithms

DNAV incorporates advanced algorithms to test an entire population of data and to identify outliers and anomalies that require specific audit attention. This enables us to focus on what matters and perform a high quality and effective audit.

With DNAV, we can provide you with perspectives of an entire population and identify findings that cumulating in time might become material.

Tailored for Luxembourg-specific circumstance

DNAV focuses on specific features of the fund market such as multi-compartments funds, multi-currency classes hedged or not, swing pricing (full, partial, tiering), and different fee models (proportional, capped, fixed TER, etc.). This allows us to investigate specific relevant areas and increase the quality of the audit feedbacks.

We can support you by presenting relevant perspectives and insights on the basis of DNAV. As DNAV was specifically developed for the fund market, we can provide you with relevant insights for multi-compartments funds, multi-currencies classes, swing pricing, different fee models, etc.

Visualization of data

DNAV offers smart visualizations of complex data and analysis. It helps us to easily identify outliers and anomalies before they become material audit findings. Visualization of data enables fast identification and communication of (potential) issues.

DNAV is providing visibility into matters impacting the fund and related audit process, providing streamlined overviews and equipping you with increased transparency of real-time audit status Visualization of data and fund perspectives.

Some would say that we are only as good as what our clients tell us we are

Futurists have long envisioned a smart funds audit. With DNAV this is no longer a story for the future but a reality of today. Using cutting-edge technology, DNAV enables a fine-tuned and seamlessly operating funds audit process for the Investment Management industry. DNAV is made future proof as we continue to invest in the latest available technology and regulatory requirements.

Want to learn more about how you can benefit from DNAV? Click here to get a free demo of DNAV and see how a smart audit of your funds by Deloitte and DNAV can bring value to you. We are making an impact that matters.

What about you, are you interested in a smart and brighter today and tomorrow with DNAV?

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