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FinanceDirect - Your digital platform connecting you to Deloitte

Everything you’re used to getting at Deloitte. And much more. Digitally.  


FinanceDirect is a digital collaboration platform providing a direct link between you, your company and your Deloitte professional.

FinanceDirect gives you one entry point for your document storage, communication with Deloitte, and directly integrates to your accounting software, to provide you with real time insights into your company’s financials - all in one cloud.

In other words, FinanceDirect puts your company at the center and provides you with new tools to help you realize your company’s potential, and together with your Deloitte professional, make an impact that matters.

"Digital has become a global agenda and a strategic driver – both for Deloitte and our clients."

A world of new opportunities

Communicate efficiently with Deloitte

Direct access to your financial data

Easy to use whenever you want

Simple upload of your document

Sky-high ambitions

We are continuously working on making it ever more desirable for you to be a Deloitte customer. One of our ways of achieving this, is by constantly providing you with new and innovative possibilities through FinanceDirect.

Financial forecast

Expand your Dashboard with forecasts based on big data sources combined with your financial data - and get a look into the future of your company’s financial performance

More integrations

Integrate to other online services which you use in your daily life

Improved insight

Focus more on what matters: your company’s future

Six interactive modules

The Dashboard gives you a unique opportunity to monitor your company in real time

Integrate directly to your accounting system* to see your key figures in interactive and easily understandable graphs

  • Compare your company’s performance to the industry you are operating in
  • Combine key figures with your own KPI’s – e.g. number of employees, customers or specific goods and services

* Currently supporting BOB 50

With Messenger you have one point of entry for all communication with Deloitte

  • Contact your accountant or other Deloitte expert directly using the app or PC
  • Quickly find previous conversations
  • Inquire about specific documents and your question is automatically linked to the document, e.g. loan document
  • Collaborate effectively with Deloitte and get a quick reply

Using Task Manager you will get an overview of your yearly deadlines and arrangements with Deloitte.

  • Keep track of yearly deadlines and progress on task deliveries
  • Comment on specific tasks and ask questions directly to Deloitte
  • Automatically receive notifications about deadlines
  • Use Task Manager internally in your company to manage your private workflows
  • Upload your invoices
  • Digital bookkeeping in real time
  • Time saving
  • Encrypted & secured
  • Validation accounting entry
  • Payment processt
  • Approval payment by the authorised person


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