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Digital health and safety at work

Helping to make your workplace safer and more compliant with environmental regulations

We are currently living in a world utterly transformed by health risks, where companies cannot afford to ignore their employees’ health and safety. Environmental, health and safety (EHS) solutions help companies rapidly and efficiently oversee their employee health management, health risk management, audits and inspections, and incident management.

Deloitte’s EHS solution allows companies to manage all their regulatory compliance, enterprise risk, employees’ health, and corporate sustainability activities and data from one place. It helps companies save time, reduce risk and prevent unwanted events.

Like any other ERP or HRIS technology, our EHS software collects, processes and uses data to support your health and security processes and keep your information safe in a centralized platform. Given the present situation, organizations can even go one step further with a dedicated mobile app to capture the information at source.

All this information is organized and displayed on powerful dashboards to give you a complete picture of your company's performance in real-time and to share it with need-to-know employees.

Our solution also automates repetitive tasks like providing alerts and notifications, following up on assigned tasks, reminders of compulsory medical exams, triggering corrective or preventive actions, and generating reports.

We deliver an integrated EHS methodology and software solution

Incident management

Record and track incidents and perform causal analysis to take immediate corrective actions

Quality and audit inspections

Make observations to reduce risks while boosting your compliance. Share data throughout your organization

Document management

Centralize all documents in a single secure database, including policies, procedures and safe work practices


Collect and validate large amounts of data across different departments and topics

Occupational health software

Keep track of your employees’ medical history while protecting the confidentiality and privacy of their health records

Regulation and compliance

Understand which regulations, policies and obligations apply to your organization

Environmental compliance

Track, manage and comply with new and changing environmental regulations

Training and certification

Enable seasoned employees to learn new skills and adjust to job requirement changes with training

How can Deloitte support your organization with EHS digitalization?

Proactively identify threats to your operations

Boost your organization’s productivity by reducing risks

Improve business performance and health and safety of employees

Support employee training and enhance communication

Foster a culture of safety in your organization

Comply with environmental regulations

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