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Your wellbeing and mental health

Creating a positive working environment 

At Deloitte, we know that promoting wellness and fostering work-life balance is essential for a fulfilling and successful working environment. Taking time out to refocus on ourselves and on our needs is key to developing and expressing each team member’s talent.

Flexibility and work-life balance


When it comes to finding balance, our professionals benefit from both formal and informal arrangements. From contracted agreements like working part-time or taking a sabbatical, to the day-to-day practices of using flex time and working from home (or elsewhere), at Deloitte, we encourage you to prioritize your personal needs and commitments.

Mental health tools


A mental health self-assessment tool is available to all our employees. After answering a series of questions, every professional can view a detailed assessment of their mental health, both on a personal and professional level. The report also gives tips and insights for a better work-life balance and the various support Deloitte offers.

We mind our mental health and wellbeing through:

  • A culture of dialogue where all professionals can express and address mental health issues in a constructive and healthy way, no matter their level or seniority.
  • Podcast sessions, short videos and articles from renowned professionals to increase the wellbeing and mental health of employees in their daily lives.

Sport and leisure activities


Our more than 20 sports and leisure clubs boast more than 600 passionate members. These include squash, volleyball, football, cross-fit, running, field hockey, yoga, tennis, golf, music, fitness, badminton, basketball and creative crafting.

We have 40 different wellbeing training courses available, including positive psychology, sports nutrition, and back pain muscular strengthening. Our professionals can also benefit from 13 different relaxation discovery sessions, from sophrology to reiki, tai chi and much more.

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