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Welcome to DOT Luxembourg: your opportunity, your choice, your impact.

At Deloitte, we are focused on solving our client's toughest problems. Learn more about how Deloitte Open Talent is a part of the solution.

Welcome to Deloitte Open Talent Luxembourg
Deloitte Open Talent Luxembourg is a community of professionals who apply their experience to project-based contract-work with Deloitte. Community members have the opportunity to build the career they want by selecting proposed opportunities that match their interests and availability. Deloitte Open Talent Luxembourg offers access to challenging work and a collaborative environment—providing talented individuals with a chance to grow and develop new skills. As a member of the Deloitte Open Talent Luxembourg community, individuals will hear about the latest open opportunities, have the chance to tell Deloitte Luxembourg about the type of work they seek, and be part of a vibrant professional community.

Our DOT mission


We are currently seeking contractors and freelance talent. Opportunities are available for internal and external missions and may be onsite and/or virtual. If you do not see a specific opportunity that interests you today, join your relevant skills-based community to stay informed about new opportunities, and Open Talent will contact you about matching demands.

What does Deloitte Open Talent provide?

Deloitte Open Talent wants to build a community of contracting professionals. If you are interested in exploring contract opportunities, create a profile. The profile is a simple, easy-to-use form that helps us to get a better idea of the skills and services you have to offer and will also give you the chance to tell us more about the type of work you’re looking for. After submitting your profile, you can expect to hear from a member of the Deloitte Open Talent team if there is a project opportunity that matches your skill set.

Deloitte Open Talent is a great option for talented professionals seeking challenging work with a leading professional services organization.

Members of the community select projects that align with their interests, passions and capabilities. You can explore more about Deloitte and position yourself to move quickly when a promising opportunity arises.

Regardless of your motivations, Deloitte Open Talent caters to individuals like you, who want to make a professional impact in a more flexible environment, without exclusively working for Deloitte.

Community members have access to challenging project-based work with a professional services organization. You contribute to the strength of our unique community of diverse professionals who share a passion for creating an impact. At Deloitte, we firmly believe that it’s not where you’re from that’s important; what counts is where you’re going.

What’s in it for you?

  • Interesting offers and strategic missions otherwise difficult to access
  • Work with high level experienced and trained Deloitte staff
  • Access to Deloitte network, plus top reputation brand/mission on your CV
  • Coverage by Deloitte governance, framework and client relationship
  • Guaranteed fair and speedy invoice model and rate

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