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Deloitte Luxembourg and ABBYY

Simplify and improve your business processes!

Thanks to a brand-new alliance with ABBYY, Deloitte can offer you an even broader range of solutions tailored to your specific business and industry needs.

ABBYY is a Digital Intelligence company committed to creating the industry’s most advanced Digital Intelligence platform for B2B clients. Its leading intelligent document processing (IDP) solution vendor that provides text and image recognition and document conversion technology. ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence platform empowers your business to:

  • Save time by eliminating manual copying or checking of all types of documents (pdfs, images, etc.);
  • Optimize your controls thanks to automatic reconciliation between your documents and your master data;
  • Boost the data quality of your databases; and
  • Mitigate operational risks.


  • ABBYY is a market leader in IDP and its module is reused by many other vendors.
  • ABBYY’s FlexiCapture platform integrates leading natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and advanced recognition capabilities to handle a wide range of documents and job sizes.
  • ABBYY FlexiCapture is available both on-cloud and on-premises, providing more flexibility for our clients.

Your challenges

Documents are everywhere!

Whatever your industry, you will usually find the same documents replicated throughout your organization. Without being able to centralize this information, the same actions are repeated across different teams and functions, increasing risk without adding value.

There are also the regulatory obligations of maintaining documentation and reports, and this burden is increasing year on year.

The aim of IDP solutions, such as ABBYY’s, is to support business leaders by:

  • Reducing admin tasks;
  • Boosting teams’ added value; and
  • Enabling reporting to facilitate decision-making processes.

Illustrative use case: invoice processing

This process exists in all companies and across all industries.


  • Invoice processing is reduced from an average of 20 minutes to less than 10 minutes (based on Deloitte’s findings) and creates a comprehensive audit trail for all suppliers’ invoices.
  • Data of other types of documents is fully captured, allowing expiration dates to be closely monitored (e.g., IDs, contracts, bank statements, etc.).
  • Data control is automated and significantly improved, resulting in fewer errors and saving time.
  • Fraud control is automated by automatically cross-checking reference/master data (e.g., IBANs captured from invoices are tested against a list of valid counterparty accounts).
  • Resource back-up that is easy to manage through a user-friendly interface.

How we can help

Deloitte proposes a three-step approach (scan, implement and monitor) to tackle the three key components of any business (processes, organization and tools).

During the scan phase, we collect client documentation and support you to select concrete processes to analyze from an IDP perspective, such as high volume, repetitive manual tasks.

This allows us to offer:

(i) A concrete demonstration of the ABBYY solution, with a proof of concept (POC) and operational cases illustrating your needs; and

(ii) A financial business case validation, considering various operating models, such as on-cloud, on-premises or a managed service, based on your internal resources.

If IDP is relevant to you, in the implementation phase we will deploy your minimum viable product and iterate extensions aligned with validated business cases.

Your benefits

"Compared with previous IDP tools I have deployed and used in my professional life, ABBYY impressed me by its self-learning velocity and with its capacity to be customized to fit perfectly into our processes and permanent data feed. Time gained using ABBYY is significant, allowing us to focus resources on key analysis that makes a difference, such as analytical fraud detection and other added-value controls."

Shared Services Director