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Benjamin Cler

Director | Technology Strategy/Architecture

Benjamin currently works at Deloitte in the Technology Strategy & Architecture department. His passion lies in designing and building solutions to help organizations run their business more efficiently and provide innovative services to their customers.

For 18 months, Benjamin has been fully dedicated to the creation of a digital bank for multiple countries in Europe. He took part in all the steps of the project, from the vision and business plan until the implementation of the Bank and its technologies. He built a unique experience of starting a new business from scratch and strengthened his knowledge of digital architectures in a regulated banking environment.

His previous roles in various industries like Investment Banking, Technology & Telecommunications, and successive experiences in mid-sized organizations developed and broadened his knowledge of the IT infrastructure, Cloud providers and Digital Transformation.

Benjamin enjoys and has experience working internationally, and has worked in West Africa, the United Kingdom and other European countries.

In addition to his technical skills, Benjamin has the ability to bridge the gap between business and technology. He enjoys solving complex challenges and strives to utilise innovative concepts such as agile methodologies (Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner, SAFe Agilist), service design thinking, or cloud architectures (Certified AWS Solutions Architect and Developer, deployment of an Azure Stack).

Overall Benjamin is a creative, result-driven, collaborative and determined worker, focused on delivering value and committed to the success of his projects.