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Looking forward in the field of Cyber Security : Key statement of a Cyber Woman

Laureline Senequier is Director in Risk Advisory Services focusing on IT Risk.

Laureline Senequier is Director in Risk Advisory Services focusing on IT Risk. We interviewed her about her career path, how she successfully navigated through the unconscious bias and what she is looking forward in the field of Cyber Security.

"I have a diploma in Telecommunications from the Grande Ecole d’Ingenieur from France and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology from America. This academic background together with a thirst for learning were strong assets when I started my career as an IT Auditor 13 years ago. However, during my first assignments in IT Organisations, I uncovered the unexpected challenge of unconscious bias. I had to go the extra mile compared to my male peers, as with the persons I was auditing who unconsciously assumed I did not have the technical knowledge to address IT matters like my male colleagues. It required perseverance. When your knowledge is regularly challenged, you have to constantly strive to strengthen it and update it. This in turn allowed me to learn and progress faster than usual."

"Being a young women, there are more decisions to be taken at key moments of your life: while starting a career, while settling down with a partner, whether becoming a mother or while becoming a mother. The first big decision for me was not committing to quit my job to follow my university boyfriend after he graduated, which costed the relationship. The second was to pursue my career while living my passion for sport, which brought me to my husband. The last big decision was to work part time at 80% when I came back from maternity leave, which enabled me to progress in my career while being active in the upbringing of my son. The driver for me has always been to find the right balance between professional fulfilment and personal development."

"Looking back this first piece of life, I do not regret any of these big decisions as they brought me where I am. I love my job, I love my team and I love my life. I am proud to be now in the lead of a team with high diversity in gender, nationalities, cultures and academic backgrounds."

Laureline is also actively looking forward to the exciting future of technology and cybersecurity. By managing Deloitte Luxembourg IT audit team, Laureline is at the forefront of new technology changes of her clients, and of the current IT audit and cybersecurity practices across Deloitte.

"Looking forward, I see a lot of exciting development in the field of Cyber Security. It is an ever evolving subject and this is what makes it interesting. As new technologies arise, so do new threats. But threats shall be evaluated in their whole context which does not limit to technologies. For example, evolution of the profile of hackers can be linked to geopolitical contexts. One should consider that data is the new gold and the internet is the new battlefield. System intrusion now appear more often in the news than intrusion in the safe of a Bank, data breaches have significant financial and reputational impact to organisations and political elections are influenced by data mining. This is why Cyber has come to the top 10 Global Risk for business and Cyber Security Professionals have promising and guaranteed career in front of them."

"Since my first steps in the field, I’ve noted changes in gender balance and progress in unconscious bias but we have not gone the whole way yet. The proportion of Women in Cyber is not 50% and some of the unconscious bias I personally experienced still remain. Nevertheless I am now fulfilling my aspiration in this field and find it very rewarding. That is why I am now involved in the Women in Cyber initiative, to help other women to jump into this field, and like me, become proud of themselves. I think cybersecurity is a great career path that can help everyone, women and men, to grow stronger, more confident and also have a lot of fun!"