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The Deloitte Foundation – Where purpose meet impact

As a purpose-led organization, Deloitte Luxembourg reaffirms its commitment to actively contribute to building better futures. The Deloitte Foundation consolidates our key initiatives under one umbrella, enabling us to take a more strategic approach, make a greater impact, and better assess and report on our Firm's efforts toward shaping more sustainable tomorrows.

John Psaila, CEO – Managing Partner, President of the Deloitte Foundation Board of Directors. 

Deloitte Luxembourg has a long history of supporting associations and other entities acting in the public interest. To further strengthen and structure this commitment, the Firm has decided to regroup all its initiatives under a dedicated entity — the Deloitte Foundation.  

The Foundation strives to create an impact that matters through philanthropic initiatives and projects that promote health and wellbeing, education, diversity, equity and inclusion, decent work and economic growth, and climate action.   

By engaging with public entities and NGOs, the Foundation works alongside the general public and other corporate entities to promote progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).   

The Deloitte Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, while daily operations are led by a Taskforce.