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Nurturing a culture of support and success for Deloitte’s working parents

"Deloitte Luxembourg's Working Parents Program goes beyond just policies; it's about fostering a culture of understanding and support for our employees navigating the delicate balance of career and family. By introducing innovative approaches and partnering with local experts, we're building a community that thrives on mutual growth and wellbeing, ensuring that our team members can flourish both personally and professionally."

Isabelle Poulallion, Director, Working Parents Program Leader  

Parenthood is a journey that often demands a delicate balance between personal and professional life. Recognizing these challenges, Deloitte Luxembourg has taken significant strides to nurture a supportive environment through its Working Parents Program. This initiative not only emphasizes the importance of career growth, but also underscores the need for a robust support system for those navigating the complexities of parenthood.  

A pivotal event for this program was held on 7 February 2023, when a panel delved into the intricacies of maternity and parental leave. The event’s comprehensive overview of Deloitte's existing framework and forthcoming plans highlighted the Firm's commitment to continuously adapt and cater to the evolving needs of its workforce.  

The engaging session included a roleplayed career conversation, offering a first-hand perspective on the challenges faced by expectant mothers and their engagement partners. Moreover, a panel of three recent mothers and fathers shared their personal stories and valuable insights on successfully transitioning into parenthood while maintaining a fulfilling career.

To further provide comprehensive support, we also introduced the "Champion" role. Working Parent Champions serve as a guide, offering invaluable support and mentorship to team members during their journey through parenthood and work to create a more seamless and enriching experience.

Additionally, the Program’s collaboration with “L’Ecole des Parents” a program of Fondation Kannerschlass, has fortified the program by building a connection with local experts. By providing access to informative conferences, Deloitte Luxembourg is cultivating a community of learning and growth, reaffirming its commitment to the holistic development and wellbeing of its employees.

Through these concerted efforts, Deloitte Luxembourg continues to enhance a culture where its people can thrive at both their personal and professional aspirations.