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Our ongoing commitment to responsible business practices through the INDR ESR label

We believe that achieving the ESR – ENTREPRISE RESPONSABLE label is not just a milestone; it's a testament to our dedication to ethical business practices and sustainable impact. It reinforces our resolution to driving positive change and creating lasting value for our stakeholders and the communities we serve.

John Psaila, CEO – Managing Partner, Deloitte Luxembourg  

Over the years, Deloitte has been dedicated to upholding responsible business practices and sustainability, underscoring our role as a responsible corporate citizen. Our commitment to these essential values is regularly reaffirmed with the renewal of our ESR – ENTREPRISE RESPONSABLE label from Institut national pour le développement durable et la RSE (INDR).

Our efforts to obtain this respected certification not only enhance the credibility of our CSR efforts but also reflect our promise to fostering positive changes within our organization. By adhering to INDR's thorough evaluation process, we have strengthened our position as a responsible player in the business landscape, building trust with our clients and stakeholders.  

Deloitte entities holding a INDR ESR label:   

  • Fiduciaire Générale de Luxembourg: since March 2011 
  • Deloitte Audit: since March 2014 
  • Deloitte General Services: since March 2014 
  • Deloitte Tax and Consulting: since March 2014  
  • Deloitte LIS: since March 2020 
  • Deloitte Solution: since March 2020