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A 14-year journey of hope and unity at Relais pour la Vie

"Relais pour la Vie has become an integral event on our calendar, uniting us in the fight against cancer year after year. Witnessing the dedication of our teams as they train and raise funds for medical research fills me with immense pride and renewed inspiration.  I know I speak on behalf of many colleagues when I say that I already look forward to next year’s relay.”   

Audrey Alioua, Manager, Events Team  

For over a decade, Deloitte Luxembourg has participated in the "Relais pour la Vie" initiative, orchestrated by the Fondation Cancer. Whether it has become an annual tradition or is an exciting first-time experience, the event continues to bring the people of Deloitte together, fostering a sense of pride and unity within the organization.  

The event's unique atmosphere and spirit have consistently resonated with participants, igniting a shared passion to exceed personal limits in support of cancer research fundraising. With 117 dedicated employees dispersed across 6 diverse teams, we were able to collect EUR 7,057.73. The event integrates physical wellbeing with a noble cause and is as a testament to Deloitte Luxembourg’s commitment to support critical research in the battle against cancer.