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Toward a new, more sustainable approach to events

“At Deloitte, embedding sustainability in everything we do also means adopting a new approach to the way we organize our events, in line with the sustainability goals we set as an organization. I am particularly proud that MOMENTUM was one of the first events to be recognized with this new Green Business Events logo, and I commend the initiative from the Ministry to encourage such responsible practices.”   

Corinne Zema, Manager, Events team

This year, MOMENTUM 2023, Deloitte’s flagship sustainability conference, became a pilot project event in the Green Business Events Initiative by the Ministry of Economy – General Directorate for Tourism.   

By choosing to adhere to stringent eco-responsibility and inclusivity criteria, the Conference showed our commitment to reducing our ecological footprint, earning us the Green Event logo to attest to our environmentally conscious event practices.  

As one of the few inaugural recipients of the Green Business Event logo, the MOMENTUM Conference demonstrated our environmental stewardship, toward fostering an inclusive and environmentally conscious approach and setting a precedent for future gatherings.