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Fostering community support: Deloitte's giving back season

To nurture the communities we serve, the people of Deloitte participated in a heart-warming initiative that reflects the essence of gratitude and the spirit of giving back.  During the end-of-the-year season, expressions of generosity resonate even more deeply. Our Deloitte people were invited to donate the equivalent amount of a gift card earmarked for them to two notable NGOs actively dedicated to making a positive impact within society.  

The first organization, Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner, focuses on providing vital support for sick children, offering them hope and comfort during their challenging journeys. The second, Life Project 4 Youth, dedicates its efforts to facilitating the integration of youth, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources for a promising future. Together, our people collected EUR 15,975 for these worthy causes.  

This heartening initiative not only reflects the core values of Deloitte but also epitomizes the best of our people and the collective impact we can make as a Firm. Through this collective act of generosity, Deloitte continues to inspire a culture of giving and meaningful contribution, underscoring our profound commitment to the wellbeing and prosperity of the communities we proudly serve.