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Supporting our people in embedding sustainability in everything we do

“Transforming our habits and setting high standards for ourselves lead us to embrace more sustainable ways of living. This is integral to who we are at Deloitte Luxembourg. We believe that together we can drive positive change that will enable a more sustainable future for the next generation.”

Francesca Messini, Partner, Sustainability Leader

With 2,700 employees, Deloitte Luxembourg is committed to reducing its environmental footprint on multiple fronts. Some of the actions we have taken include:

  • Discontinuing the sale of plastic bottles, both in the canteen, cafeteria, and coffee corner vending machines. All have been replaced with sustainable and/or reusable products. In addition, our new joiners all receive cups for cold and hot drinks upon their arrival in the Firm. Plastic represents a significant threat to nature and the multitude of lifeforms it supports. With global production having doubled since the beginning of the century*, it’s a critical area where taking concrete action has become imperative.
  • Offering plant-based alternatives to meat-based dishes in the canteen on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In fact, meat accounts for nearly 60%** of all greenhouse gases from food production. Addressing this issue is of paramount importance.
  • Ensuring a sustainable approach to our client goodies that are aligned with ESG considerations.
  • Enforcing a responsible printing policy that encourages a more sustainable approach to printing various material and documents.
  • Annually renewing our SuperDrecksKëscht label, certified according to ISO 14024:2018 and first awarded to the Firm in 2009, a designation which exemplifies our commitment to a responsible waste management policy.