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Embracing diversity, fostering inclusion: The Deloitte way

"At Deloitte, our commitment to diversity and inclusion goes beyond rhetoric; it's ingrained in our DNA. We believe that by celebrating our differences, we create a stronger, more innovative, and empathetic community, both within our organization and in the world around us."

Christian van Dartel, Partner, DE&I Leader

At Deloitte, celebrating the diversity of our people isn't just a one-time event; it's a fundamental belief deeply embedded in our daily practices. This commitment to inclusivity translates into meaningful actions and initiatives that reverberate through our workplace and beyond.

One highlight from this year was our renewed participation in PRIDE Luxembourg, which we have proudly sponsored for two consecutive years through GLOBE, our dedicated LGBT+ network. By championing this cause, we aim to create a more accepting and inclusive environment for all – inside the walls of our building and out in the community.

Our Diversity Day Celebration, held annually in May, continues to be a vibrant testament to our embrace of all cultures. During our 2023 event, our talented team members proudly showcased their unique backgrounds through a delightful array of culinary treats. This shared meal allowed us all to savor new tastes and appreciate the rich tapestry of our collective heritage, creating a moment of genuine connection and discovery.

This fusion of perspectives and experiences not only enriches our professional endeavors, but also reinforces our shared Deloitte value to foster inclusion and take care of each other – thereby building a more equitable future for all.