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Cultivating tomorrow's Leaders: Our impactful collaboration with JEL

"Empowering young minds through our collaboration with JEL is not just about nurturing entrepreneurship; it's about sowing the seeds of tomorrow's leadership and fostering a culture of innovation and resilience within our communities."

Luc Brucher, Partner, Public Sector Leader, Deloitte Luxembourg

In the quest to build better futures, Deloitte is dedicated to empowering individuals with the necessary skills to meet the evolving demands of tomorrow's job market.  

Within the framework of our WorldClass initiative, we have forged a dynamic partnership with Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg (JEL), a local association that nurtures students' entrepreneurial talents. Together, our collaborative efforts exemplify how meaningful change for future generations can be actualized through strategic alliances with non-governmental organizations.  

Since 2018, with the roots of our collaboration reaching back even further to 2015, our partnership with JEL has encompassed a range of transformative programs – most notably, the 'My First Enterprise' initiative.  

The essence of 'My First Enterprise' lies in equipping students with the fundamental tenets of business management. By establishing small-scale businesses dealing in various products, services, or production activities, young entrepreneurial minds learn the art of teamwork, project management, and effective communication with suppliers and consumers.  

This year, we proudly hosted the finale of this year's 'My First Enterprise' project at our DSquare building with students presenting their projects for recognition before a distinguished panel comprising JEL and Deloitte representatives. Notably, the esteemed presence of His Royal Highness Prince Guillaume emphasized the profound significance of this initiative, not just for the country, but also for its vibrant communities.