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The Climate Fresk: Bridging climate education and real-word applications

“Equipping individuals with the knowledge and understanding of climate science is not just about raising awareness; it's about fostering a collective sense of responsibility and action. The Climate Fresk workshops provide our people with the tools and critical thinking skills needed to drive positive change for a lasting impact.”   

Lynn (Yun-Chen) Cheng, Climate Fresk Workshop Coordinator,

Sustainability Team

In response to the pressing climate emergency, Deloitte proactively ensure that our community is equipped with the necessary knowledge and understanding of climate science. Recognizing the significance of individual actions in shaping a sustainable future, the Deloitte WorldClimate initiative empowers individuals to make informed and positive climate choices in their daily lives.  

Integral to this transformative effort is a series of engaging workshops, curated by the Climate Fresk, a notable French non-profit organization. These workshops are designed to foster awareness and understanding of climate change, through dynamic, interactive, and collaborative sessions.  

Throughout the three-hour workshops, participants actively delve into the intricacies of climate change, exploring the direct and long-term repercussions of various choices and actions. The workshops encourage open discussions, enabling attendees to exchange ideas and cultivate tangible steps to meaningfully impact this crucial issue – and are a crucial part of our people’s Induction Journey at Deloitte. This is just one way we foster climate consciousness among our people to help ensure we contribute to the global fight against climate change.