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A path to a Modern SAP Analytics running on HANA Platform

Organizations across all industries continue to embrace the digital economy, transform their core processes, and tighten their connections with customers, vendors, employees and other stakeholders. They are leveraging cloud applications, considering data an enterprise asset, and placing greater emphasis on both user experience and engagement. At the same time, they want to accelerate the deployment of new applications and analytics capabilities—as well as accelerate the return from those investments.

The potential of SAP HANA® Cloud Platform


As organizations trek farther into the digital realm, many are seeking deeper insights and realize the need to integrate their IT and business processes more effectively—especially when it comes to aligning ERP and applications with analytics.

There are numerous paths organizations could take, but many are turning to the SAP HANA® Cloud Platform (HCP) and its open architecture for building, integrating, operating, and managing analytics and business processes. SAP HCP can help organizations deliver new value across platforms—in on-premise SAP ERP systems, SAP cloud applications, third-party data sources and applications, and existing enterprise data warehouses.

But success with SAP HCP involves more than plug-and-play analytical capabilities. Effective implementation requires a focus on cultivating an entirely new platform for business functionality—one that enables you to derive and analyze information in new ways, rather than simply standing up a “cloud version” of on-premises functionality. It also demands a clear understanding of your current state, a vision of your future state, and a strategy to help you get there.

How we can help


What does it take to transform your processes and technology capabilities to establish a modern reporting, analytics, and enterprise science platform in the cloud? What does it take to develop functionality that can improve decision-making at all levels and support the vision of real-time insights for leadership? What does it take to transform analytics to unlock value with the Internet of Things? It takes strategy and technical know-how. It takes the kind of help we can offer. Here’s a look at what we bring to our clients’ challenges:

  • A winning blend of technology consulting and implementation experience, with a focus on SAP implementations, analytics, digital offerings, and custom applications 
  • Business-case development and strategy planning
  • Accelerators to help you move from an existing heterogeneous reporting landscape to a modern environment with SAP HANA Cloud Platform 
  • Preconfigured solutions and templates for the rapid deployment of analytics capabilities
  • Industry-specific, functional, and solution-specific experience
  • Data integration and modeling
  • Analytical insights and visualizations, including predictive, spatial, and other advanced capabilities
  • Application design and development, as well as API management
  • Understanding and abilities to help you consume out-of-the-box SAP HCP analytical applications, such as SAP BusinessWarehouse (BW) and BusinessObjects (BO) Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom—as well as leverage the SAP HCP toolkit for building your own custom analytic capabilities

Potential bottom-line benefits


Collaborating with Deloitte to transform your enterprise and modernize analytics can help position your organization to meet the future of the digital economy. What benefits can an analytics transformation bring? Here are a few:

  • Integrate big data, unstructured data, and streaming data to develop a more comprehensive information picture
  • Take advantage of your heterogeneous on-premise applications as well as cloud SAP and non-SAP applications
  • Embed analytics in on-premise and cloud SAP applications using APIs
  • Provide real-time information more rapidly to support decision-making
  • Streamline your IT and lower costs by doing more in the cloud
  • Simplify data-driven business processes by leveraging cross-functional and industry-specific data models for transactions, metrics, and KPIs

Getting more value with cloud and a modern analytics platform involves the ability to orchestrate a lot of moving parts. It involves a team-based approach, which is what we bring to the challenge. Our local team in Luxembourg and business professionals focused on SAP solutions means we can address needs no matter where you operate, and no matter what your industry. And as a value-added reseller of SAP solutions, as well as a longtime co-innovator with SAP, we not only know what SAP solutions can do. We know where they are going. Ready to discuss where you want to go with SAP?

Connect with us about SAP Analytics Platform to get the conversation started and see a demo, or agree for a speaking session to see how Deloitte can help you reimagine everything—an entire universe of possibilities with SAP solutions.

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