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Deloitte recognized as a leader in SuccessFactors Services in Luxembourg

Deloitte is a leading provider of SAP SuccessFactors services in Luxembourg and worldwide. We have strong capabilities to deliver HR Transformation projects based on this technology while ensuring a high level of quality assurance. In addition, Deloitte has invested in accelerators and tools that aim to bring business value to clients from the beginning of the HRIS journey (ie. feasibility study, business case) to a complete end-to-end implementation, and application maintenance services after golive.

Recognized a as qualified and certified implementer of SuccessFactors, Deloitte is intently focused on client excellence, delivering with quality and distinction, as demonstrated by having a zero-escalation track record across our implementation portfolio. Our position as the leader in innovation of SAP SuccessFactors capability is indicative of the significant investments Deloitte has made and validates the effectiveness of our client-focused, value-driven approach.

  • Certified pool: Deloitte has local and global the largest pool of SuccessFactors certified consultants in this research. It also has the largest number of overall certifications. Deloitte invests in continual training, and maximizes client-facing time of all onsite and offshore consultants to develop business and technical experts. Clients highlight individual module knowledge and the capabilities of the offshore teams as strengths.” 
  • “Focus on quality: Deloitte places strong emphasis on quality assurance, and boasts a zero-escalation track record for its SAP SuccessFactors implementations.”
  • “HR transformation focus: Technical, functional, and advisory experts sit in the same HR organizational team, enabling Deloitte to develop and deliver HR best practice for large enterprise and mid-market clients.”
  • “Accelerators & Tools development: Deloitte has invested in [its own] tools that aim to bring business value to clients. Examples include HR Fast Forward, which helps clients to prepare for quarterly updates and AccessEdge, which assists clients with their move to the cloud solution. Deloitte’s preconfigured accelerator tools are continually updated with the new features from quarterly releases and aligned with HR best practice and process maps.”
  • “Account management and flexibility: Deloitte’s highest reference scores are for the quality of account management and flexibility, including incorporating client feedback. One client said they had a ‘terrific relationship with Deloitte,’ while another pointed out that it was a true partnership.”

In case of specific needs to meet successfully your challenges, we are also connected with a network of independent contractors and able to establish consortium with the overall objective of combining the best innovation and delivery team to make your project a success.

Connect with us about SAP SuccessFactors to get the conversation started and see a demo, or agree for a speaking session to see how Deloitte can help you reimagine everything—an entire universe of possibilities with SAP solutions.

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