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Deloitte Digital case study: Deliver platforms

Definition of the future-state vision for the Board portal and implementation of the selected solution

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The client, an International Financial Institution, sought to establish a strategic business partnership with Deloitte in order to start a project aiming at defining requirements for the Board portal in order to provide it and another stakeholders with a practical, secure and personalised online communication interface with the members of their governing bodies.


To support the objectives of one of them, Deloitte proposed a 2 step-approach:

  • Phase 1: The aim of the first phase was to perform an analysis and define in detail the requirements for the Board portal regarding contents, target audiences, security standards, functionalities and a roadmap for implementation including high-level test plan. The human, technical and financial resources for the project over time, as well as the linkages to other projects and on-going initiatives were included. The final outcome of this phase was the selection of a vendor for the second phase of the project.
  • Phase 2: The aim of the second phase was build and test the chosen technical solutions, automate processes and train and support the staff of the client and Board members.


Development of the future-state vision for the Board portal that support the interactions between the client’s corporate governance and board members and address current and/ or future unmet information needs (e.g. requirements regarding content management and organising structure definition, target audiences, shareholder request workflow development strategy, security aspects, look and feel, change and adoption strategy definition, etc.)

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