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Deloitte Digital case study: Create experience

User experience definition

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The client is a Private Bank with most of its clients living offshore, thus requiring an easy access to their account information. In that context the Bank intends to further develop their current e-Banking services and improve their overall customer experience. The customers who use these services need to get a 24/7 access to them, always require more features and empowerment but should also trust the accuracy of those data. The Bank wanted to identify all requirements before the implementation starts, in order to provide the best user experience as possible to its customers, which will contribute to project success.


Deloitte supported the Bank to perform a benchmarking study in order to cover best practices and main trends for electronic Private Banking.

We conducted several workshops for each business line, marketing and IT to define the key business objectives of the Bank, who the customers are, what their needs are, what the current situation is, and to establish a future vision of its e-Banking services, in terms of user experience.

This inventory allowed us to work on defining usage's scenarios that the target e-banking platform have to take into account in order to fit with its users’ needs and desires. Deloitte helped the client to define the complete functional requirements in line with expected user experience, to select the “best-suited” architecture and to identify the different technical scenarios.


The following deliverables contributed to define a clear view of the Bank future e-Banking services in order to provide an optimal user experience to their customers:

  • Recommendations on best practices and current trends for electronic Private Banking
  • Summary of online requirements for in-scope segments including prioritization (functional blueprint) aligned with customer personas and expected journey
  • Development of the target architecture solution and budgeting (architecture blueprint) 
  • Potential organizational impacts

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