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Portfolio Management Systems (PMS)

Focus on front-middle-back system definition & implementation

Are PMS providers ready to address asset managers’ emerging business and operational needs?

The asset management and servicing alike are facing growing business and operational needs along the front-to-back value chain. To investigate PMS providers’ ability to meet these needs, we decided to conduct a 200-question holistic survey covering the entire investment management value chain, as well as some nonfunctional aspects such as strategies, partnerships, market trends and solution roadmaps.

6 investment management platform providers took part in the survey. In the results, 4 trends emerged that are profoundly affecting and reshaping the industry:

  • 6 PMS providers
  • 200 questions
  • 20 hours of demo

Increased competition is triggering consolidation among asset managers to achieve scale across profitable strategies.

Simultaneously, asset managers are consolidating platform providers to streamline operations and reduce expenses.

Alternative investments are growing in importance, fostering integration in platforms’ offerings.

Data aggregation and normalization from nontraditional sources is becoming a key success factor in the industry.

To tackle these emerging trends and better serve clients, PMS providers agree on a need to reinforce their focus on:

Data management: increasing their attention on data consistency and automation.

Risk management: boosting transparency and flexible risk calculation and reporting (including ESG elements).

Portfolio management: broadening their multi-asset coverage and the use of alternative data in the investment process.

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