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Tax Dispute Resolution

Achieve Resolution. There is a right of appeal to the Tax Appeals Commission if you are aggrieved by an assessment made by the Revenue Commissioners following a tax audit. The Tax Appeals Commission are an independent body established to adjudicate and determine tax disputes in a manner which is accessible, fair, and timely. The functions of the Tax Appeals Commission include taking action considered conducive to the resolution of the tax dispute and the establishment of the correct liability to tax. Our services strive to ensure that the tax dispute is managed efficiently to lessen the impact of the tax dispute process on you in terms of resources, reputation, and financial risk. Our team has a track record of handling tax disputes, combining in-depth tax technical knowledge with extensive litigation experience. Our team collaborates with the teams in Corporate Tax, Global Employer Services, Indirect Tax, Private Client, Research and Development and Transfer Pricing to deliver an integrated tax controversy service.


Tax Appeals

  • Preparing the Notice of Appeal and articulating the grounds of appeal to frame the tax appeal.
  • Preparing and delivering pre-hearing appeal documents to the Tax Appeals Commission; managing timetable of appeal process in conjunction with the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Preparing hearing bundles for the Tax Appeals Commission; evaluating expert evidence; devising strategies on the conduct of the hearing.
  • Representing clients before the Tax Appeals Commission and instructing external Counsel.
  • Representing clients in Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAP) and evaluating the interplay with the domestic appeal process.
  • Participating in settlement discussions and assisting with settlement strategies.