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Tax audit management services

Manage reactive

The Revenue Commissioners published a new Code of Practice for Revenue Compliance Interventions which came into effect on 1 May 2022. The new Code reflects an intention to expand real-time compliance checks and to adopt a risk-focused approach to selection for a tax audit. It reinforces the Revenue Commissioners view on the value and importance of self-review. There is an ever-increasing range of data sources available to the Revenue Commissioners which facilitates automated tax risk analysis and improves tax risk profiling for more targeted tax audits. In addition, there is increasing co-operation between tax authorities across borders and the utilisation of exchange of information. Our services strive to ensure that the tax audit is managed effectively to lessen the impact of the tax audit on your business and drive a solution-orientated approach to engagement with the Revenue Commissioners. Our team has the expertise and experience to engage and negotiate with the Revenue Commissioners to finalise the tax audit outside the public domain.

Tax Audit

  • Providing support and tactical insights on devising strategies to manage the tax audit process.
  • Reviewing the tax issues under audit, performing audit readiness assessment and considering preparing a qualifying disclosure.
  • Representing clients during the tax audit with the Revenue Commissioners; proactively engaging with the revenue officer during the process.
  • Reviewing and responding to information requests from the revenue officer; engaging in technical discussions with the revenue officer; responding to the findings of the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Participating in settlement discussions with the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Representing clients in penalty negotiations with the Revenue Commissioners.