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Legal Entity Structuring

Helping legal entity structures achieve strategic tax goals

Recent changes to the international tax framework as a result of BEPS and similar initiatives have resulted in increased complexity (and scrutiny) for multinational companies. One consequence is that attention to legal entity structuring is increasingly important and can inadvertently become overly complex and expensive without a clear plan in place.

Deloitte’s legal entity structuring teams bring clarity to clients by analysing local, bilateral and multilateral treaties, laws, and regulations to understand the potential impact to their global operations.

Deloitte works with organisations to analyse their entity landscape while helping build internal capabilities that efficiently and transparently meet legal entity structuring requirements. We collaborate with you to assess governance, workforce capabilities, processes, and technology and implement an integrated approach that reflects your business goals.

A key objective of our services is to streamline the people-intensive and data-intensive aspects of legal entity management. This can include designing and helping implement processes in areas such as:

  • Annual compliance and corporate changes,
  • Data collection and document management,
  • Organisation charting and corporate planning,
  • Legal entity data and deadline tracking and
  • Treaty qualification analysis.

Deloitte’s multifaceted approach to legal entity structuring aims to enhance regulatory compliance, reduce risk and help clients adopt a legal entity structure that can evolve with the challenges and opportunities of being a multinational organisation in today’s business environment.