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Inclusion Passport - Workday Rising 2022

To empower a global and inclusive employee journey, Deloitte Ireland used Workday Extend to build the Inclusion Passport, a simple and effective application which supports our firm’s diversity and inclusion commitment in the workplace, especially in a hybrid environment. Kevin Scully, Torunn Dahl and Rufino Chiong were part of the team who went to Workday Rising Europe 2022 to discuss the benefits of the tool and what was needed to build it in Extend.

Workday Rising, a unique experience

The conference started with an appearance by Bjorn Ulvaeus from ABBA who emphasised the importance of fun and staying at the forefront of technology as the two critical factors in sustaining success over a long career.
With a multitude of sessions for the over 3000 attendees varying from thought leadership through to practical hands-on workshops, Workday Rising was also an opportunity for over 75 Deloitte colleagues from around the world to connect and have a great time at a twinkling Christmas-lit Stockholm. The team truly enjoyed meandering through the Expo, meeting with Workday partners and teams to hear more about additional services and what’s coming down the line in talent and inclusion.
After hours the networking continued with a Deloitte customer event at Sweden’s national museum where the team admired sculptures of the Norse Gods while sampling local seafood, an evening cruise of the archipelago with other conference speakers and a full-on closing party with more sushi and a taste of cloudberries!

Timeline of the Inclusion Passport

Take a look at the pilot plan of this tool

Promoting Awareness and Encouraging Uptake

Torunn, Head of Talent, Learning and Inclusion, was the driver for the Inclusion Passport as a key piece for Deloitte’s inclusion commitment to its people. Kevin, Workday Extend Product Manager, on the other hand, was the link between Torunn’s idea, the Human Capital team and Workday – a key role to develop the tool, and now, to make it available worldwide.
During the conference, the duo shared the Inclusion Passport story from conception to implementation, which sparked great interest from other organisations who believe the tool will support their aspirations to drive greater inclusion and wellbeing in the workplace.
What we covered:
1. Inclusion Passport – why and what?
2. Piloting the Inclusion Passport – testing the waters
3. Workday Extend – bringing Inclusion Passport to Life on Workday
4. Why Workday Extend? – the case for Agile Organisations
5. Workday Extend – Building the Solution
6. Launching the Inclusion Passport – promoting awareness and encouraging uptake
7. Impact & Insights – what do we know?
8. Workday Extend – top tips and use-case inspiration

The top three takeaways from the presentation were:

1. The changing nature of work requires greater consideration of increasingly diverse working requirements.
2. Deloitte developed the Inclusion Passport to create a platform for conversation so employees can thrive both personally and professionally.
3. Use Workday Extend to enable technology agility.

What Next?

The Inclusion Passport is going to be rolled out to all Workday clients and the Deloitte Ireland team hopes to work with other organisations who aren’t Workday clients to help them integrate this inclusion tool in their workplaces.

Watch this space!

Inclusion Passport Workday Rising Europe 2022

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