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Five ways tax leaders can help achieve sustainability goals

Sustainability is a business imperative where tax plays a critical role

Deloitte research reveals that tax departments are actively helping their companies with sustainability initiatives through compliance and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, with a majority feeling they are on top of sustainability for the moment. However, to keep up with the demands of sustainability, others suggest specialization and advisory support related to ESG is required.

Deloitte surveyed 335 tax leaders globally finding that while tax departments are supporting their business’ sustainability efforts through compliance and ESG reporting, they can do more to help their organization accelerate their sustainability goals and address a central business issue. The report provides five easy steps for tax leaders to take to optimize business sustainability performance.

People used to see sustainability as one of those fluffy things, with the idea was that sustainability teams would work in their little corner without much support from other teams. But with the pressures coming from regulators, investors and others, and the [sustainability] targets that we’ve put out there publicly, there was a realization that if we’re going to take this seriously, we have to do this as an organization and make tax and finance part of the journey.

Stephanie Fielding, Director of Tax and Sustainable Finance, Bupa

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