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GlobalAdvantage™ Tax Web Services

With the Cost Projection and Hypothetical Tax Web Services from Deloitte you can incorporate Deloitte logic into your own applications.

What is it?
Our GlobalAdvantage (GA) Cost Projection and Hypothetical Tax Calculators are the global tax “engines” behind GA Cost Projection and IHR. In the past these calculations were only available by purchasing the applications, but today we offer both calculations as web services that integrate with one or more of your existing systems.

Why do I need it?
Technology Paradigm Shift. With the advent of cloud computing and the increased prevalence of software being offered as a service, companies are looking to seamlessly incorporate leading functionality within their existing applications.

Tax Law Changes. Every year the complexity of country tax laws continue to rise. This impacts every company with an expatriate workforce. The need for accurate cost estimates and payroll hypothetical tax amounts has never been higher. ROI savings exists for companies that can correctly project expatriate assignment costs and payroll hypothetical tax amounts.

Hosting Costs. The recurring effort to host and maintain third party applications for cost estimating and calculating hypo taxes can be very costly. Manage your cost of ownership by leveraging our tax web services. This puts you in-charge of your own user experience, removes the worry of third party customisations that prevent future migrations, and puts Deloitte in charge of our core competency – your tax calculations.

Leverage Our Investment. The Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) network of member firms has tax experience in practice offi ces all over the world. Our dedicated global tax team coordinates with our practice offices for calendar and fiscal country legislative updates. Changes are reviewed, tested, and signed-off before they are released to our web service calculation engine.

How does it work?
Our web services are built using SOAP XML protocol, which provides for distributed computing on the web, integration of systems almost anywhere in the world, and are an industry accepted standard. Your XML data is encrypted and authenticated using 128bit SSL certificates.

We provide technical support, documentation, web service schema documentation, and sample XML. We can also implement the services to address your needs. We have certified project managers, IT staff, and CPA tax professionals ready to assist you.

Cost Projection Web Service
Your application or applications (either ERP or custom) send a SOAP request to the GA Cost Projection Web Service for processing. No assignee personal information is required to utilise the powerful tax calculation tool. The SOAP envelope will contain the information that we need to perform a multi-year, multi-element projection of your assignment costs. After the calculation is completed, a SOAP response is sent to your requesting system with detailed results of the projection.

Since no other information is required to perform the projection, you can integrate the service seamlessly and easily into your existing infrastructure or you can develop an entirely new and custom application that utilises this powerful service.

Hypothetical Tax Web Service
Hypothetical tax calculations are commonly used on assignee balance sheets and/or recurring payroll calculations. Similar to the cost projection schema, the hypo schema provides defaults, making it possible to for a quick hypo calculation or to support a more advanced calculation.

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