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GlobalAdvantage™ Organiser

GlobalAdvantage Organiser simplifies the complex provision of home and host tax data.

What is GlobalAdvantage™ Organiser?

GlobalAdvantage (GA) Organiser is Deloitte’s internet based tool designed to reduce assignee frustrations associated with separate home and host tax questionnaires that often contain redundant and duplicative questions.

Why do I need it?

It is essential that assignees fully disclose to their tax provider on an annual basis all of the information necessary to carefully prepare home and host tax returns. At the same time, we recognise that our clients do not want to provide the same data to us more than once.

GA Organiser provides the following:

  • Leading edge technology
  • A central location to provide tax data
  • An internet accessible solution to provide assignee data
  • Pre-populated data from the prior year
  • Intuitive questions – the number of questions the assignee is asked, directly relates to their specific circumstances
  • Online help to assist the assignee through the process of providing data
  • A secure method for accomplishing all of the above

How does it work?

GA Organiser is an internet based application and can be accessed from any computer with Internet Explorer 6.0, or Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or higher. Your Deloitte representative will establish the assignee’s profile in GA Tracker – our global tracking system. This profile will determine the type of GA organiser the assignee receives. Each supported country has three versions: expatriate, in patriate and domestic. This allows for the tailoring of the questions to address your assignee’s specific fact pattern.

An individual receives GA Organiser through an automated messaging system which looks to the individual’s profile, checks to see if prior year information exists to populate in the organiser and sends the link, with the user ID, to the assignee’s preferred e-mail address, or addresses.

GA Organiser content is based upon the assignee’s facts and circumstances. Using GA Organiser is straightforward and uncomplicated. In addition to GA Organiser customising questions based on home and host country locations, it builds questions based on an individual’s specific circumstances. There are several sections for taxpayer information, employment income, other income and deductions and miscellaneous information. In each section, the individual is asked a series of yes/ no questions. From those responses, GA Organiser has additional question requirements based on the client’s particular circumstance.

Although multi country tax requirements increase the level of difficulty and the number of questions required, the organiser is only as long as it needs to be and asks the questions required to complete the returns. Prior to submitting GA Organiser, your assignees can print a copy of the data provided for their records.

The development of GA Organiser was in response to our clients and the market demanding a simplified and centralised way to provide tax information. Your assignees are provided with less annual administration for their tax matters. GA Organiser accommodates the calendar year/fiscal year issues faced by assignees who gave filing obligations in countries with different tax years. When an individual returns from assignment, they can continue to use GA Organiser in domestic form, which eliminates the international questions, while allowing for pre-population of data from prior years.

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