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Irish naturalisation applications can now be made online

25 October 2023

What is the change?

With effect from 16 October 2023, applications for Irish naturalisation can be made online.

Key Points

Implementation time frame: From 16 October, 2023.

Who is affected: Applicants seeking to submit an Irish naturalisation application.

Next steps

  • Any applicant looking to submit an Irish naturalisation application can now use the online portal to submit their application as opposed to the physical application form previously used.
  • The new system will allow applicants to easily fill in the relevant forms, upload the required documents, make payments and submit all electronically.
  • The online form can be found at the following link:
  • Applicants that have already begun the application process via the old paper-based system can submit their application in paper-based format if they wish. However, it is recommended that all applicants use the electronic system moving forward.
  • Work is ongoing on the development of an online form for Minor applications (Form 11). Once this is complete a digital option will be made available.

Analysis & comments

  • Deloitte welcomes the introduction of an online, electronic system for citizenship applications in Ireland and this is reflective of the Department of Justice’s plan for an innovative and digitalised immigration system.
  • The new system will allow applicants to submit their application and supporting documents in one location on the portal, making the process much more streamlined. The electronic system also reduces paper waste greatly, which is an environmentally friendly move from the Irish authorities.
  • Deloitte recommends all applicants to save confirmation of information inputted, confirmation of receipt of application once submitted and to keep a record of all documents submitted.
  • Should you require any assistance with Irish naturalisation applications, please do not hesitate to contact the Deloitte Ireland team. 

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