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Bolivian nationals will now require an entry visa to travel to Ireland

Ireland  - 15 September 2023

What is the change?


With effect from 12 September 2023, Bolivian nationals will be required to obtain an entry visa before travelling to Ireland. A transit visa will also be required if individuals are transiting through Ireland to another destination. Exemptions will apply for certain cases. 

Key points:


Implementation time frame: from 12 September, 2023

Who is affected: Bolivian nationals travelling to Ireland or transiting through Ireland

Next Steps:Bolivian nationals should ensure that they have been granted with the required entry visa before they travel to Ireland. Employers should be aware that this may have an impact on start dates of employment in Ireland and ability to travel.

Exemptions may apply where individuals are travelling before 12 October 2023, are able to short evidence of booking and paying for travel, and they fall into one of the following categories:

  1. A critical medical case involving a family member being seriously ill or undergoing medical treatment. Evidence from the relevant medical institution must be provided.
  2. Visiting for a significant family event – a birth, wedding or funeral. Suitable evidence must be provided.
  3. Taking up a place obtained in a third-level institution on an undergraduate or post graduate degree course. Evidence must be provided from the relevant institution.
  4. Taking up employment and holding an Employment Permit for Ireland. Evidence of the permit issued by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment must be provided.
  5. Travelling for business. Confirmation of the arrangements for the visit from the business in question must be provided.

In order to avail of the exemption, individuals should contact Immigration Service Delivery and the visa customer service team will respond as soon as possible.

Analysis & Comments:


The introduction of the visa requirement for Bolivian nationals will align to the visa regimes in the UK and Schengen area.

Deloitte welcomes the transitional introduction of these measures for exempted travellers which will assist with managing relocations to Ireland.

Irish visa requirements stay under ongoing review, having regard to the need to ensure that effective immigration controls are in place whilst also facilitating those who wish to travel to Ireland for the purposes of a visit, to work, to study or to join family members.

If you require any assistance with the above update, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. 

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