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Stamp 4 support letter filing date moved up because of delays

GES Newsflash - Ireland (Dec. 28 2018)

What is the change?

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI) has asked Critical Skills Employment Permit (CSEP) holders seeking Stamp 4 permission to apply for their support letter after completing 20 months on their permit. Previously, CSEP holders were required to wait until they had completed 21 months on their permit before applying.

What does the change mean?

 CSEP holders who want to continue working and living in Ireland past the expiration of their employment permit can apply for the Stamp 4 support letter one month earlier than previously. This change will provide an extra month for the support letter to be processed, to ensure it is issued in time for the in-person Stamp 4 application.

  • Implementation time frame: Immediate and ongoing.
  • Visas/permits affected: CSEP / Stamp 4 permission.
  • Who is affected: CSEP holders who want to continue working and living in Ireland past the expiration of their employment permit by applying for Stamp 4 permission
  • Impact on processing: The Department confirmed that this change is an interim measure to help them address ongoing delays in processing related to an increase in demand for employment permits.  

Background: Ireland allows non-EU/EEA nationals holding a CSEP to continue living and working in Ireland upon the expiration of their permit by applying for Stamp 4 permission, which is valid for two years and is renewable. One of the required documents needed to apply for Stamp 4 permission is a support letter issued by the DBEI. Up until now, CSEP holders have been advised to apply for the Stamp 4 support letter after completing 21 months on their permit, which is typically three months before the expiration of their CSEP. This time frame has been moved up in an effort to address ongoing processing delays. The Department has called the new time line an “interim measure” and said they hope to have processing delays resolved by the end of January.

Deloitte Analysis & Comments: While the DBEI has said that no one awaiting a decision on Stamp 4 support letter will be asked to stop work or to leave the country if their application is pending, applicants are nonetheless encouraged to apply by this new earlier 20-month mark.


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