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New Irish Residence Permit

Move from GNIB to IRP


The existing registration certificate Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) card is being replaced with a new registration certificate called the Irish Residence Permit (IRP) as of the 11th of December. The Irish Residence Permit (IRP) is the registration certificate. An Irish Residence Permit (IRP) indicates:

  • Immigration permission to stay in Ireland has been registered
  • The type of immigration permission, i.e. stamp number

The IRP is not an identity card. It is a registration certificate. It is not valid for any reason except to certify that a foreign national is registered with immigration in Ireland.


The new Irish Residence Permit (IRP) is based on EU standards, including:

  • New design, based on EU colour and layout rules
  • New information, including a brief description of your immigration permission
  • New features, including robust security and identity protection

The Irish Residence Permit (IRP) is a credit-card sized plastic card that displays basic information about you. This includes:

  • Your name, photo, date of birth and registration number
  • A brief description of your immigration permission, including your permission stamp number
  • A microchip with a copy of your photo, fingerprints and personal details as above

One significant change to the system is:

  • If you live in Dublin, you will receive your IRP by post after you register from now on. It will not be given to you at your registration appointment.

The process outside Dublin has not changed.

Deloitte’s View

The Irish residence permit will replace the GNIB card. The responsibilities remain the same but the card will now be based on EU standards – meaning that the card will look similar to residence cards in other EU jurisdictions. The card is advised to have better security protections.

The practical impact will be for employees based in Dublin as they will no longer get their IRP card on the same day. The IRP should arrive within 5 to 10 working days. While an employee is waiting for their IRP to arrive, the stamp in their passport will be sufficient proof of registration to apply for a re-entry visa and will allow the employee to re-enter the country. This should not affect travel.

A key consideration for foreign nationals is to ensure that the IRP is sent to a permanent address. We are also confirming there is will be a responsive contact point to regarding change of addresses or delays in receiving the IRP. We expect there could be delays in processing of cards at peak period. 

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