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Reputation management

We live in a world where how we think and feel about organisations is as valuable as the product or service they are selling. Do organisations represent our values? Are they responsible and sustainable? Are they open and honest?

These are questions asked by consumers, shareholders, employees and regulators to establish if organisations are in step – or in conflict – with society and its values. How your organisation strategically manages these issues, shapes its reputation.

We define reputation as the outcome of how your critical stakeholders think and feel about your organisation. It is earnt from good performance and progressive behaviour.

Your organisation’s reputation is one of your most important assets. Research by Reputation Dividend suggests it is worth up to 20 per cent of an organisation’s value.

Careful management of it is essential to ensure competitive advantage. And damage to it can be very difficult to come back from.

How we can support you:

We understand what builds or breaks a reputation. Using this knowledge, we can support you to manage your reputation over the long-term.

Our reputation management services includes:

Reputation measurement
We help you understand measure, track and value your organisation’s reputation and provide insights for better decision-making and reporting.

Protect your reputation
We work with you to understand your organisation’s internal and external reputation risk profile and make recommendations on how you can be more resilient to reputation risks.

Grow your reputation
We help your organisation earn a trusted, differentiated reputation by developing long-term strategic plans across performance, behaviour and communications.

Reputation leadership
We equip your senior executives with the skills they need to be confident leaders who inspire and motivate stakeholders and excel in challenging situations to maximise opportunities and value.

Reputation management advice
We provide counsel and support to resolve challenging reputational issues – such poor performance, political criticism or behavioural controversies – should they arise.

Our team of advisers bring extensive experience in corporate communication, strategic business issues, challenging risks and crises, to work with your communications teams and senior executives to create and protect reputational value.