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Digital Identity by Deloitte

Digital Identity. Done.

Digital Identity by Deloitte is a fully managed identity security solution that integrates and operates the entire identity lifecycle under one umbrella. We bring together the market-leading technology, proven processes and certified identity specialists you need to implement and operate digital identity across your entire organisation. 

Digital Identity by Deloitte services

Embed continuous advantage across your operating models from day one

Digital identity is a crucial element of a successful digital transformation. However, the process to implement and operate ​a trusted and globally operable digital identity system is costly, ​time consuming, difficult to integrate, and a drain on scarce skilled resources. A great digital identity system can ward off future challenges and protect your company’s success and reputation.

As a fully managed digital identity service, we help organisations counter cyber threats, protect user identities, standardise security outcomes and improve user experiences and brand trust by providing higher levels of authentication assurance - all while consolidating  your digital identity management under a single service provider.

By delivering identity governance and administration (IGA), access management (AM), and privileged access management (PAM) as a complete package, this turnkey solution helps you reduce implementation risk, improve cost efficiencies, and dramatically accelerate your digital identity maturity. 

Digital Identity by Deloitte implements, integrates and operates the entire identity security life cycle under one umbrella

How Digital Identity by Deloitte works

  • Highly skilled identity engineers who advise, implement and operate
  • 3,800+ certified identity specialists
  • The scale of standardised global Cyber Operate Delivery Centres combined with local specialists who help you navigate your local context
  • Identity governance 24x7x365
  • Complete package of integrated technology, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud-based solutions, with leading third-party rated technical alliances
  • Unified delivery of digital identity services, including identity governance and administration, access management and privileged access management
  • Deloitte enabled approach to Zero Trust
  • Better pricing under a single contract
  • Rapid transition to full operation mode with our out-of-the-box identity security stack
  • Metrics-based, KPI-driven delivery
  • Change management and state-of-the-art automation implementation for consistency and reliability
  • Approved by global community of identity leaders and meets Deloitte’s exacting standards for quality and innovation

Why Deloitte

When you leverage our talent to run your identity governance for you, you get the benefit of one of the world’s largest identity security services with more than two decades of experience across industries.

With a turnkey approach and ability to deliver in a dramatically compressed timeframe, we make digital identity management—and your return on investment—faster, easier, safer and more certain, so you can operate with confidence.

  • Accelerated digital transformation, with jumpstart kits to reach steady state quickly, for faster time to value and unnecessary spending reduced.
  • Agile delivery, with frameworks and accelerators such as a library of workflows and automation kits.
  • Improved user experiences, brand affinity and revenue that come from providing higher levels of authentication assurance, data security and trust.
  • Operational and cost efficiencies with centralised governance and automated processes for new joiners, movers and leavers, along with secure administrative access.
  • More business control and regulatory compliance, with the ability to create real-time automated system access and associated data reports that enable governance, privacy and audit, while reducing your audit exposure.
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How is your organisation positioning itself to address today’s and tomorrow’s cyber threats? Discover how Deloitte Cyber Operate services, our digital identity services and Deloitte’s worldwide team of industry-focussed specialists can support you every step of the way—and help you respond with confidence no matter what the future brings. Contact us to get the conversation started.