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The Deloitte Center for Crisis Management Services

Integrated solutions to help you navigate the unexpected

When a crisis strikes, the greatest damage to an organisation is often the result of poor management of the crisis rather than the crisis itself. The Deloitte Center for Crisis Management leverages the full breadth of Deloitte’s capabilities to help clients successfully prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural and manmade disasters.

Crisis Management in Action: Readiness, response, recovery—and a stronger future

Deloitte’s comprehensive service offerings help your organisation navigate the lifecycle of a crisis: readiness, response, and recovery.

  • Crisis simulation– Simulations are an effective way to know if your “model” will work when crisis strikes. During a crisis simulation, Deloitte stress-tests crisis response plans in a simulated environment to evaluate crisis preparedness. An immersive experience helps identify potential gaps in an organisation’s overall crisis readiness.
  • Real-time response– Rapid-action teams with demonstrated experience with the relevant sectors and event types are deployed, all operating under a Crisis Management Office. This structured approach drawing on a global network of specialists provides Deloitte clients with tailored support within 24 hours of any event.
  • 24/7 monitoring– A 24/7 monitoring capability is necessary to track all the relevant sources of data for potential business disruptions and to follow post-crisis developments. Deloitte’s proprietary solution allows companies to constantly track and monitor sources of internal and external data to provide real-time situational awareness and identify leading indicators for potential crises.
  • Crisis communications– Communication during the time of crisis is critically important to not only manage the inflow and outflow of pertinent details to all stakeholders but to also control your message and to protect your organisation’s reputation. Deloitte works with clients to help them navigate critical messages across social and traditional media channels to inform stakeholders while pre-empting reputational threats.
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