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An ever changing threat

The cyber landscape is always changing. Advancements like robotics, IoT, and artificial intelligence, although positive, can mean greater cyber threats for organisations. Cyber threats can’t always be detected by conventional cyber protection methods, and whilst these conventional methods do offer some protection, organisations must develop their cyber response capability to be able to respond quickly and effectively when incidents occur.

What risks are you taking?

If your organisation works online, you are at risk. Cyber threats can strike at any time and can impact organisations of any size, based anywhere in the world. Although the upfront cost of a contingency service such as Cyber Incident Response may initially be hard to justify, the impacts of a cyber attack can be far more serious. Not only are you at risk of financial damage through loss of service or remediation action, you also risk reputational damage, especially when considered alongside the potential fines that can be levied as a result of a data breach under GDPR.

What can you do to protect your organisation?

Deloitte believe that preparation and continuous monitoring are the best ways to maintain cyber security. We know that developing and maintaining in-house capability to undertake this task can be too time and resource heavy. That’s where Deloitte can help. Our Cyber Incident Response team work with you to develop processes and strategies to enable you to respond effectively during an incident and exercise these processes using realistic cyber simulations. This alongside our Global network of technical responders enables you to be confident that when the worst happens, you have the capability and support to effectively deal with the problem in an efficient manner.