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Operational Technology Security

Enable secure flexibility

The cyber threat landscape is always changing; threat actor motivations and the introduction of advanced solutions including greater internal and external interconnectivity, greater utilisation of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solutions, the proliferation of “smart” devices and the introduction of new innovative technologies such as, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics are rapidly transforming the landscape of Operational Technologies (OT).

Whilst realising enhancement in operational capabilities, efficiencies and insights, these developments often translate into an increased attack surface area and therefore increased risk. This risk can include disruption to operations, compromise of safety, loss of Intellectual Property (IP), brand damage and fines. As the fourth industrial revolution drives an increasingly global, digital and interconnected world organisations must maintain a clear understanding and management of risks to operations to enable secure flexibility.

Innovation powered growth 

With the convergence of OT and IT, leadership of organisations are faced with a growing number of challenges that cannot be solved by technological solutions alone. Leadership needs to remain in control of cyber security risks in the OT domain. In order to maximise operational efficiency while keeping up with these constant changes, focus should be placed on the people, process, and technology components of these challenges to achieve secure innovation powered growth.

Prepare for a connected future

In order to be proactive in risk management whilst taking full advantage of
technological and processes advancements, the adoption of new digital and organisational security measures are required. Deloitte enables organisations to stay in control of collective cyber risk (enterprise and OT) whilst realising all the benefits the innovative OT environment has to offer. This will empower your organisation to realise innovation powered growth whilst being confident that your organisations evolution is managed in a secure manner. Allowing you to take full advantage of the operational intelligence and efficiencies that a connected future will afford.

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