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IT Asset Management (ITAM) - Global Survey 2021

Changing expectations in a post-pandemic paradigm

Over the past few years, organizations have aspired to reposition their ITAM and software asset management (SAM) teams to align them better to strategic opportunities that help maximise value from IT investments. 

Deloitte’s Global ITAM survey report, published in 2021, looks at the current state of ITAM in organisations. It showcases how organisations need to change their focus and investment priorities in governing IT assets to reflect the changing technology landscape, and more specifically, newer ways of licensing hardware and software.
  • A vast majority (84%) of respondents believe that they lack a truly effective ITAM initiative in place in their organisations.
  • Six out of ten (61%) respondents are yet to make IT Asset Management a self-funded initiative. Nearly half (45%) of those who are yet to do so acknowledge that they are unlikely to also achieve this objective in the next two years.
  • Nearly 90% of respondents believe that the rapidly changing business, regulatory and technology environment is making it more challenging to enhance ITAM maturity in their organisations.
  • Organisations are seeking external assistance to supplement internal capability in addressing their biggest pain points

Organisations are seeking external assistance to supplement internal capability in addressing their biggest pain points

Given the challenges associated with the ability to readily hire senior ITAM talent from the marketplace, around two-thirds of respondents are taking the assistance of third-party business advisors, consultants or managed services providers. The latter solution is an emerging area of interest for respondents with around one in five working with a managed services provider, which could cover all or specific aspects of ITAM. Our ITAM and SAM professionals across the globe can help you understand how this survey’s findings reveal distinctive opportunities for your organsation.

Our key findings are grouped into four categories:

Survey respondents recognise the increasing complexities of ITAM amid pressure to reduce costs. We believe these twin forces will drive an increased focus and investment in ITAM over the next two years and accelerate the organisational journey to increase maturity in this area.

ITAM teams acknowledge the critical need to leverage board support and drive proactive engagement in alignment with key organisational stakeholders, including IT, procurement, finance, risk management and other key functional teams, to maximise value to their organisation.

The survey reveals that organisations need to maintain an ongoing focus on automation supported by appropriate ITAM staff and leverage external assistance smartly to upgrade them to decision-making roles in the near future.

This is an emerging area as respondent organisations increasingly aspire to elevate their vendor relationships and collaboration levels in the spirit of a win-win relationship that goes beyond merely being able to negotiate contractual terms better.

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