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Internet Regulation Brief

Your monthly insights on global developments impacting the Internet

The Internet has brought enormous global benefits in connecting the world and enabling creativity, productivity and social connection. But some aspects of the Internet are facing increasing scrutiny and attention. We feel that there is benefit in bringing to life the public conversation about the Future of the Internet – in short, what ordinary people think about the effects and implications of new developments online.

A formal definition for 'Internet Regulation' doesn’t yet exist. However, one way to view it is to look at the concerns which are raised by policymakers, regulators, consumers, industry bodies and other activist groups. We see these concerns as being grouped into 12 Topic Areas:

Policy, Law & Regulation Timeline


"In the last 40 years there has been an explosion of digital communications enabled by the Internet. From bulletin boards and blogs, to social networks, to video streaming apps and endless comment threads, we all use the Internet to work, learn, plan and live many other parts of our lives."

"But as the world has become connected, we're facing the same challenges we see in the real world - with harmful and antisocial behaviour, political misinformation and crime - but now unconstrained by national borders and able to spread instantly and affect many more people. Naturally, policymakers are looking to ensure that the Internet is a safe and open space for everyone."

Nick Seeber, Internet Regulation Global Lead


Our timeline helps you to navigate and keep up-to-date on recent developments across the EU, US, UK and other jurisdictions. These timeline activities are tagged to our 12 Internet Regulation Topics and include explanatory notes from our Internet Regulation specialists.

For more details on the key principles of Internet Regulation and how Deloitte can support you on your journey to compliance, please visit our Internet Regulation Services page.

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