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Cyber Identity

Reducing risk by building trust

We advise, implement and operate where you need us most, across your entire enterprise.

Trust is the foundation of all business. But global supply chains, remote work, the Internet of Things and e-commerce make it difficult to know exactly who you are dealing with.

Deloitte Cyber begins with a human approach to digital identity. By empowering your people with understanding and connection we create a culture of safety and privacy. This shared experience promotes trust and moves your business forward with confidence.

We can advise, implement and operate a broad suite of identity services delivered via best-of-breed technologies to help you better manage identity governance and provisioning, privileged access management, single-sign-on and risk-based advanced authentication.

With licensing and hosting terms built into the service, you can focus on strategic business objectives rather than managing large complex identity environments. Together we’ll develop the digital identity solutions for a cyber-powered future that’s right for you.

Deloitte Cyber Identity Leaders

Jan Vanhaecht

Global Digital Identity Leader | Deloitte Belgium

Gautam Kapoor

Asia-Pacific Identity Leader | Deloitte Australia

Guus Van Es

North and South Europe Identity Leader  | Deloitte Netherlands

Fouzi Akermi

Continental Europe Identity Leader | Deloitte France

Álvaro Prieto    

Spain Identity Leader | Deloitte Spain

David Mapgaonkar

United States Identity Leader | Deloitte United States

Andre Romanovskiy

Canada Identity Leader | Deloitte Canada    

Rogerio Dabul   

Brazil Identity Leader | Deloitte Brazil

Reynaldo Gomez    

South Latin America Identity Leader | Deloitte Argentina

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