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Restructuring solutions for your business

What is Receivership?

If enforcement action is required we can act as Receiver. Prior to taking an appointment as Receiver we will agree a strategy with the charge holder to ensure that once we are appointed we can deliver maximum realisation for our client. We work closely with specialist lawyers, asset managers and valuation agents, as well as our own in-house tax and corporate finance experts, to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Trading receivership
We deliver innovative and practical solutions for the charge holder. For instance, sometimes, a pre-packaged sale of a business or property may be the optimal strategy for the lender and the company. In such cases, negotiations are carried out prior to our appointment with the key stakeholders. This enables these receiverships to proceed quickly and smoothly so that value is retained and jobs are saved.

Our knowledge of insolvency and our experience of trading in a receivership environment enable us to anticipate and mitigate many of the issues that arise on appointment. We have particular expertise in retail, manufacturing, hotels, property, waste management, nursing homes and construction.

Property receivership
For each appointment we prepare a bespoke strategy with a view to ensuring the best return to the charge holder, by a combination of maximising revenues, asset disposals and debt reduction. We have also taken receivership appointments across a wide range of property portfolios, from single property holdings up to large multi-jurisdictional property portfolios.