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Real Estate Research

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Deloitte’s real estate research team is a team of economists and real estate research market experts. Using internal and external databases the team analyses the market through an economic lens. They seek to look beyond the headline figures, which at times are readily available and provide a thorough and independent assessment of data indicators which either support current trends or provide the first signals that a change is on the horizon. In today’s volatile and fast paced environment, this knowledge is critical.​

Although from a real estate perspective Ireland is the main focus of their research, European and global economic performance and real estate trends are also closely monitored, playing a pivotal role in how the team’s market outlook is formed.​

They frequently produce written economic and market commentary, bespoke client market update presentations along with contributing to the discussion at conferences or during media engagements. Separately, the real estate research team produce bespoke reports such as; catchment analysis, demand assessments and economic impact assessment reports.

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