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Global Business Services (GBS)

Solutions to help you assess, design and implement new service delivery models.

Global Business Services (GBS)

Our Global Business Services (GBS) group assesses, designs, and implements new service delivery and operating models that leverage a mix of shared services, outsourcing, and automation to generate greater effectiveness and efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately enable growth. We also support established GBS organisations “move up the value curve” to expand their operations and utilise new tools and technologies to garner increase efficiencies and deliver increased value to their business.

Deloitte’s GBS practice has existed since the early stages of shared services (SSC) and outsourcing in 1990s and has grown to over 3,500 professionals worldwide. Our expert and diverse GBS team have worked with a number of clients across all industries to deliver over 600 shared services and outsource engagements delivering both business value and cost efficiency.

What is Global Business Services?

For many people when they hear Global Business Services they think of shared services centres. In the past, organisations used these shared services centres and outsourcing to improve service delivery and reduce costs. The current GBS model has a broader role in today’s organisations, using a common infrastructure and governance to deliver business support services across geographies, business units, functions, and business processes.

Global Business Services serve as a single enterprise organization or network that can drive collaboration and sharing to improve delivery efficiency, effectiveness, and business outcomes. The role of the GBS in many organisations now is to be a multi- functional shared service centre or centre of excellence with shared leadership, methods, culture, and values.

Our approach

Our GBS team has a strong capability and experience delivering complex engagements across multiple geographies. There are a broad range of activities which we typically cover to best serve our clients’ needs, and these have been broken into three phases below.

  • GBS Feasibility Assessments – Support businesses to understand if GBS is an avenue to pursue based on current internal and external market factors
  • GBS Business Case Development – Conduct initial baselining and establish the required business case for implementation
  • GBS Operating Model Design – Define target operating model finance incorporating GBS and establish future global standard processes
  • GBS Design and Implementation Roadmap - Construct the blueprint and develop the transition plan to stand up / alter specified Finance operations within a shared service
  • GBS Implementation – Stand up new GBS centre and migrate the activities
  • Optimisation Assessment - Conduct maturity assessments on established GBS centers to identify areas for potential efficiencies and optimisation opportunities in three key areas that pose a significant potential for change – Experience, Insights and Speed
  • Optimisation Delivery - Implement identified optimisation initiatives to deliver increased efficiencies and further value to the business

Global Shared Services Conference 2022

Our Shared Services Conference took place 20 – 22 September 2022 at the Lisbon Congress Centre in Portugal. It was fantastic to bring an Irish representation of GBS organisations together with this key global community  in such a vibrant city.

As Deloitte’s largest event, the Shared Services Conference provided a first-class conference experience. Over the last 25 years, it has become the ‘must attend’ event for strategic and operational leaders across industries.

Our business is consciously human. We deliver a human-centric service positioned around the idea that we are better together. Through consolidation and scale, we unite people behind a single mission - to unlock value in the business and empower the enterprise.

Throughout the past few years, we have proven the capability and worth of shared services. We are an established part of the business and underpin its stability and aspirations. Now is the time for leadership to reshape their remit, reinvent their offerings, and grow their expertise.

Missed out on the 2022 conference?

Don't worry, if you missed out on this year's conference, you can catch up on-demand here or watch our conference highlight videos from our GBS leads below.