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Raising Finance?

5 critical success factors to consider...

As a business owner, CEO, or CFO, how confidant are you that your banking facilities are right for your business...? Are they the best you could have achieved from the market?

From our experience of dealing with small, medium and large corporate clients, the cost of financing, while clearly important, is only one of a number key priorities for stakeholders when evaluating banking facilities. This article is based on the global insights and experiences of the Deloitte Debt & Capital Advisory team, and our experiences in the Irish market, where we’ve successfully raised more than €1,700m for Irish companies in 2018, year to date.

We’ve identified 5 Critical Success Factors (CSF) for borrowers to consider in order to obtain an optimal debt financing package for their companies. 

1. Managing the risks of debt.

2. Maximising operational and strategic flexibility.

3. Having confidence in access to funding lines.

4. Reap the benefits of finding the right banking partner.

5. Using competitive tension to optimise commercial terms.

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